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re: Drama Policy

We have a zero tolerance for drama.

Allow me to once again explain our expectations for those of you who have issues playing nicely with others.

    We expect civil guild chat amongst our members.

    We expect civil chat from our members to others on this server.

    We expect that our members respect server rules and the ToS of WoW.

    We expect our members to try their very best to represent Iron Dragon in a positive manner across the server.

    We DO NOT want you to air your drama in guild chat. We expect you to approach an officer through whispers.

    We DO NOT want to hear about things that people have solved for themselves, people can resolve their own problems and unless those involved ASK for our intervention or CAN NOT DEAL with their problems on their own such that they BECOME guild problems we should not be "tattled" to.

    We expect you to use your own judgment, if your friend - acquaintance - dog - lover - RP mate - ERP mate - etc... cries to you a sad sad tale that involves one of our members, you should probably ask yourself IF THAT PERSON WANTS YOU TO DIVULGE THAT PROBLEM TO THE REST OF US. Breaking the confidence of your own friends can come at a heavy price, if a person is venting to you because they trust you, perhaps you should consider if they would want you breaking that trust.

If drama becomes a guild problem, the officers of this guild will deal with it swiftly. We set these expectations.

Most of this is just common sense.
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