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re: LFM who WTR Heroics PST

Brewfest is over and even after four times we all don't have what we want.

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Very happy birthday to Cardre and Arenos.

Shrilinda tops the chart of weekly contributions. What kind? Who knows - but she does. I guess she likes being on top of the charts.

Raiding Tuesday we did what took us a week before and got 3/7H done - making our content farm. First attempt Fandral Staghelm on Heroic left him alive with 21% of his health.

Point is: we need more raiders who are excited and enjoy this content. Our goals are to experience progression content, fulfill achievements, obtain the rewards that raiding can provide for those who are willing to push for it.

Perks supplied by the guild on top of that:
- We raid nine hours. No nonsense raid/all nonsense any other time.
- We supply general repair bill coverage.
- We supply the majority of food and flask needs.
- We supply main set enchantments and gem materials.
- We will reward extra efforts and outstanding performance.
- Casual alt raid Sunday evening for farm.

I'd love to add to that list of perks, but one or two people can't supply that. Meet the guild and become a part of it for the full experience.

If interested please apply or speak to Staryu or Iavasul in game.

Dying isn't easy.
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