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re: Official Step Down from Progression

Yes, it is the post.

It is with a heavy heart that I do confirm, what is obvious in, we do not have the means to continue progression raiding and will cease attempts to do so.

There is a gray area between what takes determination to tough it through the hard times and when something is being beaten to the point it is an unhappy environment and clinging to false hope. We have certainly given it a strong game face and toughed out the past eight weeks to test our mettle in hopes that more faces would join our goals to continue on. Faces have come and gone, too intimidated by our resolve and attitude, and it simply did not end in our favor. We're at a point now where we cannot sustain a stable raiding environment equal to what our core is capable of and deserves.

This year overall has been a struggle from my viewpoint as the recruiting officer to now the guild leader. There were many discussions on lineup, refining a player to match the expected level, dealing with people falling out, and simply having enough bodies to continue regardless of their experience and ability at some points. In the height of the struggle where we had enough people to swap out to push content, we managed to get Realm First Nefarian in an echo of our former achievements and the sheer fact the fight favored a 25 lineup heavily. That was the highest point, but there were many others where we had that burst of joy and achievement for getting down a boss. The feats we succeeded given the cards and cirmcumstances were very much in the way Iron Dragon worked. Few hours of raiding, big achievements. A small pool of people to pull from and managing to push it through, dragging the others along hoping they would get on their feet and start running along with the core. Some did that while others cried and left realizing they had little idea the type of work it takes to push content and be the best. It's not a mindset that everyone is willing to have.

It's a broken record to repeat what I hear day in and out that "this is Moon Guard". We managed over three years with that fact before. It was a blessing and a curse; the curse was constantly looking for people who really loved raiding through off server and absorbing fallen guilds, the blessing was with limited time and not professional raiders to still gain server firsts and be the top players in the community with no real competition even months behind the majority of world raiding progression. With the exception of the professional example Fourth Wall has brought to our server, taking full intended advantage of the 10-man change and making Moon Guard 124th in the US with an impressive Heroic Ragnaros kill many servers still lack, there is a raiding community on this unique diverse server despite rankings ignoring the Moon Guard stereotype that I hope never dies out.

Many things have occured this year that has negatively impacted Moon Guard from a progressive raiding perspective: the change from 25 to 10s in equality has diluted the raiding pool severly as people lower their standards and stick to small family-knit groups that wait for content difficulty drops to view it, the emergence of new guilds trying to copy our former level of glory in their own guilds instead of joining pre-existing ones, the aging and loss of our officer core, also diluted from lack of willing bodies spread out over multiple guilds. I will not be surprised to see the same things happening with many officer cores across the guilds for I hear much of the problems that we have through them consistently. The one that manages the longest will survive as the fallen guilds absorb and join what remains.

I will quickly state that, yes, there were mistakes along the way and they do add up, but everyone makes them and there is no one or compulation of certain ones to put blame on. We are a guild together and together it hasn't worked out. There is no and will never be one reason Iron Dragon passed away.

In the midst of that though, I am humbled and honored to be the one, on behalf of everyone who was a part of the guild from the alumni and from the current roster, to say Thank You.
Thank you to all of our members, past and present. From the perverted jokes and friendly dps competition it was like an oasis of people who wanted to be awesome without most of the nonsense other people put up with in raid constantly. Regardless where anyone goes, in or out of game, the same mentality exists to do the best and push. I hope that same resolve is applied to real life as much as raiding. I hope that in work and school and home you do research, you follow others and learn from their experiences to not make the same mistakes and the best 'strategy' to use. I hope you take critism as its intended and give it in turn to make eachother stronger or get rid of the clutter in your life. I hope you look back and evaluate yourself and always strive to work on something. I hope you kick ass always.
Thank you to the majority of the server and outside friends. There has always been in the midst of one troll a score of people ready to defend the guild. The name Iron Dragon is respected, even if some people fear our 'elistism', and we've always given it back in turn. It has always been appreciated and never went unnoticed.

At this point Iron Dragon becomes a quiet hub for alts and perks. If some people want to stay and make small casual raiding groups, that can be arranged. It will not be at the same level of expectancy we've come accustom to (which was still lower than we wanted) and more similiar to the alt runs on Sunday.

I will copy most of this post into the public servers and make it official over the weekend.

Dying isn't easy.
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